Three questions to ask when you want to make a change 
Why wait until Monday? 
Recently I attended a conference that reconnected me to a message I had heard several times before. It was a simple message, the importance of using food as nutrition and a fuel for my body in contrast to eating on auto pilot, too busy to think and grabbing at the first thing I can lay my hands on. 
Having followed a no grain, no sugar, no coffee no alcohol previously for a thirty day challenge not only did I know that this was possible and tasty, I knew that I felt great when I put in the effort. 
The sensation of something being ‘good’ is not enough for commitment to last. 
Slowly the memory of how good a little treat can taste or the ease of being able to simply grab something on the run (and if I’m being honest probably just a little bit of addiction to the sweet side) pulled me back to the dark side. Before I realised it the odd relapse must have taken me back to the old familiar ways and here I was starting over again. 
Defaulting to the familiar happens whether that is in our thought patterns, eating patterns, emotional triggers, posture. 
So there I was, once again inspired by the speakers, determined to improve my health and excited to feel the buzz of the results. I started planning it as I walked down the road my mind was skipping, I really do love fruit and vegetables.... I don’t really eat that much crap...I wonder if I well ever look like her...What’s the hubby going to make of the new meal plans....I think I will do a bit now and then really start properly in January and give it a full year instead of a month.... 
Wait a minute 
It was MAY and I was planning to start in January!!! 
Talk about wasting time. I thought I had all the motivation, all the knowhow and yet I wasn’t really prepared to get started. I want to ‘wait till Monday’, why? 
It was like I was giving myself permission to say goodbye to all the things I really loved. I could picture that each time would be a special connection, like a final goodbye in a tragic romantic comedy. I even found myself looking to eat things that I would never eat before I made this decision. 
It is easier for the mind to accept and suffer than to let go and move on. 
Here I was allowing my thought process to creating a full funeral and grieving process for my losses. My mind-set which was making this a difficult decision and yet I began to no longer feel so confident in my conviction. All this and I was just twenty minutes into my future. 
So as it was the lunch break I headed into a local venue and ordered a coffee, careful not to add the sugar and milk, first decision so far so good. A growing pleaseing feeling appeared connected to that simple action. Despite the taste not being what I was used to, my tastes would adapt or act as an encouragement to have less of it. I studied the menu hard. I realised how much I could have and how much I couldn’t before settling on a Sponakopita, with feta cheese, spinach and Greek salad. I sat back pleased in my decision. Now for those of you like me who didn’t know what this dish was imagine my horror when coming to the table before me was a large triangle filo pastry! 
Just 10 minutes in I had failed.  
What was I going to send it back, leave it and go hungry, cry? 
No way! I ate it and I ate it all. What is more, it tasted amazing. Yes I could see this as a fall off the wagon or a step in the right direction. In this case I had a large amount of spinach, I mean some ingredients speak for themselves. I didn’t have the salad dressing and not to forget the sugarless coffee. 
Where have you heard it all before? 
We can hear the same message several times over before we take action, that’s ok.  
Remain open to the possibility that you are in a different place now. Just because you tried it before doesn’t mean that you can’t try it again or adapt it to suit your life. 
Where in your life are you waiting till Monday? 
It is not about the big dramatic changes, it’s the little ones that add up.  
Those daily little ones that you can stick to day in day out and then you can take another and another if you choose.  
Yes some decisions will be easier than others and you make many without knowing the outcome. 
Where can you celebrate a victory already made? 
No matter how small sometimes we need to acknowledge a small victory over doing nothing at all.  
If are brave enough to try something new, if you make the effort to get started, if you make a simple decision and take action, acknowledge yourself. 
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